The Location

Beach she-oaks, cypress pine and other coastal trees and shrubs shade Inskip Peninsula’s camping areas, which are ringed by open ocean beaches and sheltered estuary shores—all within 15 minutes drive of Rainbow Beach.

Wind and water conditions generally become calmer in areas where the peninsula curves westward towards Great Sandy Strait.


  • Camping permits for Inskip Peninsula camping areas are required and must be purchased before setting up camp—fees apply.
  • Buy permits well in advance.
  • When making your booking, you will need to know the name for the camping area you are booking. You must stipulate the place and dates you intend to camp. You cannot camp elsewhere during that period unless you amend your booking beforehand.
  • A camping permit booking number must be clearly displayed at your camp site.
  • Camping more than 30 days is prohibited in the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area.
  • As mobile phone reception at Inskip can be intermittent, QPWS&P suggests purchasing your camping permit prior to arriving online at or by visiting a permit issuing centre.







We did not stop at this camp ground but merely drove past past it on the way to the ferry at Inskip Point at Easter time. It was packed full of campers basically parked on top of each other in cramped conditions. Campgrounds were being patrolled by QPWS Rangers and the road to Inskip Point from Rainbow Beach was being monitored by RDTU Police.